About Us

Wholespire Richland County is a collaboration of partners in Richland County, South Carolina, working to make our county a healthier place to live, work, learn, pray and play.

Diabetes, heart disease, and other health issues can be prevented and managed when people have access to healthy choices. Access means grocery stores within walking distance and neighborhoods with unbroken or uneven sidewalks. Also, access means parks with lights and playgrounds with safe equipment. When communities don’t have access to healthy choices, individual health and standards of living are poor. 

Through advocacy, communication, and community-based projects, we work through our mission to inspire wellness in all of our communities.

Our Objectives


Develop and sustain a viable organization that can support its mission.


Generate and sustain visibility and credibility for Wholespire Richland County.


Engage and collaborate with diverse partners to promote and foster our vision and mission.


Promote policy, systems, and environmental change strategies to address healthy eating, active living, health equity, and chronic diseases.


Advocate for local and statewide legislation, policy, and funding to support healthy eating, active living, health equity, and chronic diseases.


We work with communities to implement proven and sustainable approaches that lead to increased access to healthy choices for all people.


We want informed influencers and empowered communities who work together to ensure an equitable Richland County, where everyone has access to healthy choices.